Felbermayr at "Breakbulk" Slider

Felbermayr at "Breakbulk"


30. May 2016 | Markus Lackner

With around 20,000 visitors and roughly 350 exhibitors, "Breakbulk Europe" is the largest hub for exchanging information on heavyweight freight. In May this year, Felbermayr and some of its subsidiaries exhibited at this leading trade fair in Antwerp (B) for the third time.

"Breakbulk in Antwerp – that's exactly where we need to be exhibiting in Europe" – Managing Director Peter Stöttinger, from Felbermayr Transport and Lifting Technology, is convinced of it. On all three exhibition days, the number of inquiries about Felbermayr services associated with road, rail and water transport at the exhibition was extremely high. The wind-turbine blade adapter for transport in challenging areas received particularly high levels of interest. Felbermayr's lifting technology for heavy equipment and crane hire likewise attracted a great deal of attention. Last but not least, the LR 11000 – with its 1000-ton load capacity – proved to be in high demand at the exhibition stand.

Felbermayr was also accompanied by its subsidiaries from the maritime group which includes Haeger & Schmidt. CEO of Haeger & Schmidt, Heiko Brückner, was also enthusiastic, claiming that attending the Breakbulk exhibition is an absolute must: "In addition to Haeger & Schmidt, we are taking this opportunity to present the capabilities not only of HSW, but also of Best Logistics, RKE and Euro Terminal Kehl". We therefore had plenty of opportunities to present industry professionals with the options for combining water and land transport using rail.

So that we could provide the right support for all the various specialisations, Felbermayr and its subsidiaries were represented by over a dozen members of staff at the exhibition stand. Both existing and prospective customers showed their appreciation of the informative talks and the opportunity to gain a good insight into future activities.