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12.03.2014 | In January, Felbermayr transported the components for two v-duo machines, which are used in the production of carbon-fibre plastic bodywork components. The shipments departed from the Engel plant in St. Valentin. Engel is an Austrian manufacturer of injection moulding machinery.

The destination of the shipments was the BMW plant in Landshut. The components were assembled on-site by the Felbermayr subsidiary Wimmer Maschinentransporte – starting with the unloading. After the components were unloaded, the individual components (each weighing up to 100 tons) were moved to the production hall using a self-propelled industrial roller and were assembled there to become a 220-ton machine. Due to its weight, the machine was then transported further to its base using an eight-axle self-propelled transporter. Once there, the machine was placed on its base using lifting gear. This method was used to set up two machines within just two weeks.


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