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Fantastic job

12.02.2014 |  Transport and installation of an ENGEL injection moulding machine. The plant in St. Valentin, Austria, was the starting point for the project. From there, Felbermayr's Road Transport division transported the 70-ton v-duo 1700 roughly 1500 kilometres to Coventry in England. Staff from Felbermayr's Wimmer subsidiary were ready and waiting to meet the high-tech cargo there and attach a lifting gear to it.

This was used to lift the injection moulding machine, turn it through 90 degrees and then set it down on an air guiding system. An operating pressure of around 8 bar ensured that a sufficient volume of air was flowing under the machine. This enabled the 70-ton component to be positioned on an air cushion and moved to the required location before being set down. Normally, these kinds of machines are turned around inside the hall first, which means there is no need to use an air guiding system. However, as the hall on site was not high enough, it was decided to use this procedure instead. Wimmer staff then fitted various components to the machine, thus completing its basic assembly. ENGEL and their customer said afterwards that the service Felbermayr and Wimmer provided was exceptional.


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